International Awareness Day


20 October 2018 Photo Gallery

Connecting to change the future


Some lovely photos from around Australia on International Mastocytosis and Mast Cell Diseases Awareness Day.

  • TAMS Co-Founder Claire organised her golf ladies to wear purple and ribbons (one golfing friend wore a giant ribbon as you can see)
  • TAMS Committee Member Sue wore and gave away ribbons – with her awareness-raising continuing this week as she makes presentations to two schools about nasty masties
  • the Roe family wore their ribbons with pride



On Saturday October 20, Mastocytosis Support Association Romania organised in the Center for Excellence in Mastocytosis in Bucharest a Seminar on the topic: The Guide to Mastocytosis.


The Spanish association of mastocytosis and mast cell disease celebrates the first international awareness day together with Souldrivers, a soul, gospel, folk… choir in a wonderful beneficial concert. A happy celebration in which people attending sing, clap… and dream in a brighter future that takes us close to better medicines. It was a good opportunity to provide visibility to our pathologies. + Purple lights in La Coruña (Spain) to commemorate our awareness day. + Sant Francesc Basketball Club Inca – Balearic Islands Spain.


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