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Mastocytosis Society Canada (MSC)

Mastocytosis Society Canada (MSC) was created to assist patients, caregivers and health care professionals in learning more about mast cell diseases and to lean on each other for support. The audience we support is quite diverse and includes:

  • Patients with a diagnosis.
  • Patients in search of a diagnosis.
  • Caregivers of young children or elderly parents with mast cell concerns.
  • Health care professionals whom are trying to provide the best health care they can provide to their mast cell patients.

There seems to be a growing number of patients diagnosed with mast cell diseases such as Mastocytosis and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS). MSC is here to support these patients by:

  • Aiding in interpreting the facts about mast cell diseases, triggers and symptoms many patients experience.
  • Helping to find a health care professional with knowledge and experience with mast cell diseases in close proximity to their location.
  • Providing patients with information on diagnostic testing, medications and additional questions to ask their health care professionals.
  • Suggesting ways to improve their quality of life through diet, eliminating triggers and managing their environment.
  • Creating educational curriculums for patients and health care professionals to assist in educating and raising awareness of mast cell disorders; speeding up the time needed for a diagnosis and to improve a patient’s quality of life.

Please visit to learn more on how we can support you on your healthcare journey.

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