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Mastokids is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization whose mission is to support children with mastocytosis and their families by providing an empowering environment that promotes awareness, education, and research into pediatric mastocytosis. Our goal is to provide a place where families of children with mastocytosis can learn, find support, and work together to find solutions for the daily challenges caused by this disorder.   

Mastokids started in 2002 when five families from across the world, connected by an online email support group, decided to create a website to answer the common questions that regularly arose about pediatric mastocytosis. The idea quickly grew into a charity that worked to raise awareness, provide support and information, and encourage research into this disorder. 

Today, Mastokids maintains an active website ( that includes information on common reaction triggers, medical procedures, and personalized education plans. We have an active member-only support group on Facebook. Our membership community and basic information about mastocytosis are often a family’s first links to understanding the unique nature and needs of the disorder. 

Mastokids has seen exciting growth from the early days when those five families worked to establish this important resource. Over the years, Mastokids has served to improve the lives and outlooks of hundreds of families affected by pediatric mastocystosis. We pledge to continue this service for our special children and others like them around the world. 

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