Information for patients in the Ukraine

The Mastocytes Support Association Romania

The Mastocytes Support Association Romania offers patients with mastocytosis or other mast cell diseases from Ukraine who take refuge in Romania free of charge:

  • cromoglycate
  • hospitalization in the National Center for Rare Hematological Diseases which is also the ECNM center within the Bucharest University Emergency Hospital
  • specific treatment
  • cromoglycate cream
  • antihistamines
  • special soap approved by the Ministry of Health ( Mastocytosis Support Association Romania sponsored a project that created a homemade soap, without NaOH caustic soda, without perfumes, the soap received the approval of the Ministry of Health and was used by children with other serious diseases: those with transplant, burns etc).

It also provides psychological support.

Contact:, FB page Mastocytosis Support Association Romania,

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